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UNIVERSAL FLOORS is proud that our grandfather, David Lynn, was the 7th architect of the Capitol who built this awesome historic court in the land, on time and under budget.  In 1935, this was a new building and since 1953, Universal Floors has restored, preserved, and maintained this incredible building.  We are proud to say that four generations of Lynns have worked in this building.  All the boards and marquetry used for restoration are salvaged from Washington DC homes that are slated for demolition.  Our custom shop cauls, clean, and shapes the salvaged wood to the desired shape and size. "We choose to reuse"

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The Lynn brothers served in the US Navy in World War II and returned home to start a business that has employed thousands and served tens of thousands. Companies come and go. When we started in 1953 there were nearly as many companies doing floor work as there are today. Pricing the job correctly by being fair to the customer and the company, we have outlasted them all. We still carry on our 1950’s values for good work and the best customer service. We look forward to working with you.

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