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This turn of the century home was on its last leg.  Ten flooring contractors turn down the project claiming it couldn't be restored.  A local architect guided the owners to Universal Floors.  He said to them, there is only one company that can do it.  We accepted the challenge and put our heart, body, soul, and skill to brign this Historic Floor back to it's glory days.  All repair woods were salvaged from Washingont and Baltimore historic homes slated for demolition.  It took three weeks of skill and dedication to get the job done. "We love saving history one floor at a time. 

Universal Floors Inc.

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The Lynn brothers served in the US Navy in World War II and returned home to start a business that has employed thousands and served tens of thousands. Companies come and go. When we started in 1953 there were nearly as many companies doing floor work as there are today. Pricing the job correctly by being fair to the customer and the company, we have outlasted them all. We still carry on our 1950’s values for good work and the best customer service. We look forward to working with you.

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