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A legend in the floor sanding business: the "HUMMEL". The first floor sanding machine in the world with an endless belt which was developed by Eugen Lägler in 1969. Proven technology and indisputably the number one system for sanding wood floors. Universal's share holder Ray Ross purchased one of the first exported to the USA. It has since been retired as well as Mr. Ross.
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Above: Sprigg Lynn runs new Hummel 

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Hand scraping is still an important part of Universal's system of the traditional method.   


Products & Services...

Universal Floors specializes in wood flooring installation, restoration, repairs, & finishing. We do not sell carpet, vinyl, or tile.  We only work with hardwood products, bamboo, cork, or flooring that resembles hardwood (laminates). Why is this?  Well, by only focusing on a certain type of flooring, we can better focus our talents to providing you with quality workmanship in that field. Below are a few descriptions of the basic work we commonly do as well as links to the various products we offer for sale in that category:

Floor Refinishingclick the sander to see how it's done

The basics involved in a sanding job are as follows: the floor is rough-sanded to remove the old finish that is on the entire surface of the floor.  In the case of top nailed or surface-nailed floors, each nail is set by hand prior to this step. We then fill any areas that are appropriate or requested by the customer. Once the filler is dry, the floor is sanded again with a finer sand paper to remove any excess filler & smooth out rough sanding marks. Next, a very fine sand paper is used for the final sanding pass. The floor is then ready for the stain color (if desired) or the first coat of finish & left to dry. We then screen the floor, a process similar to sanding, but using a less abrasive screen instead of sand paper & the successive coats of finish are then applied & left to dry. Often additional screening is done between coats.

Refinishing products available for purchase: Click Here

New Floor Installation universal floors dcClick the nailer to how we do it

While there are products & possibilities available in a wide variety of choices when it comes to new floor installations, not all may be ideal for your project.  Durability, design, & sub floor types can play a major factor in narrowing down your options. If you are considering installing a new floor, we encourage you to contact us for a free estimate. We will put you in touch with one of our service consultants & they will discuss with you what you are looking to do & what the best options are for your specific job. Universal can supply & install a wide range of flooring like: traditional wood types & board dimensions,  pre-finished & "engineered" flooring products, Bamboo, Cork, Custom widths, medallions, borders, specialized designs, hand scraped flooring, laminates, etc...  

Available flooring & woods for purchase: Click Here

Floor Repair

Universal Floors can repair or replace your damaged flooring (water damage, pet stains, old radiator holes, damaged/split boards, etc...). We can  provide the same species & grade of wood as your existing flooring.  At times similar aged wood will be used, Universal Floors stocks a warehouse of reclaimed antique wood for such repairs on older floors.  This helps to blend the repairs in with the existing floors, but we can not guarantee a 100% match in any repairs. Smaller imperfections, such as holes and gaps between boards can sometimes be filled. Wide gaps do not hold filler well over time. Universal does not recommend filling these larger cracks, but can do so at customer's request & risk.

Cleaning & General Maintenance

Sometimes customers just want to give their floors a good cleaning.  While there are many methods Universal Floors can offer in this field, the most common is just wax & buffing your floors to give them that refreshed look.  Once you wax a floor, it is recommended to continue this maintenance every so often to prevent wear in high traffic areas.  This process will not remove any scratches or deep stains in your floor.

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walnut hardwood floors mclean

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