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Recyclers of Antique Floors...
You may wonder why hardwood flooring should be removed from a house slated for demolition and reused in another home.

Reasons for Recycling a Wood Floor

They don't make Wood floors like they used to.

The grading standards of wood flooring have been lowered over the years to reflect the quality of lumber available.


Yesterday's Wood has a lot less of the natural imperfections that of the new flooring

A floor graded as "Clear Plain White" in 1925 will be far longer and more uniform in color and graining. The maximum length of a modern board is 8 feet where as in 1925 we have seen them up to 16 feet.

Wood Flooring should last a hundred years or more with the average number of sandings.

We only recover flooring with most of the hundred year layer intact.


It’s the best choice for the environment.

Why use new flooring when perfectly good flooring bound for the dump can be recovered locally, stored locally and a local company installs and finishes the flooring


The flooring once reinstalled is sanded to bare wood and stained and finished with modern or traditional stains and finishes .

Non VOC finishes are a speciality of ours.


Pine flooring of the higest quality often surpasses even the products made by the mills that re-saw old beams
Remilled pine flooring often containes knots and graining inconsitant with the standards of the pine flooring milled from the 1890's to the 1920's.

Wood Repairs with flooring from the same time your house was built are repairs you don't see.

Antique floors repaired with modern boards stand out and bring unwanted attention to areas that should blend with the rest of the flooring

Wood kept in stock and ready for use.

We generally keep on hand 2.1/4" x .3/4" clear to select white and red oak from the 1920's and 30's. Vertical all heart, mix heart and sap, flat grain
         2 1/2"  & 2 3/8" x 3/4" & 7/8". Wider and thicker pine from mid 1800's are usually on hand.


Wood is our greatest renewable resource.





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walnut hardwood floors mclean

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