Wooden wonder

One of the most expensive natural flooring options is the wooden one. It’s aesthetic appeal, elegance and classy look makes it an ideal choice for home owners who wish to indulge their senses. Although it is an expensive one, it is not a steeply priced as marble, granite or other natural stone floorings. Home owners who wish to make a statement about their wealth and opulence willingly spend on wooden flooring. It can transform a dull room into one of chic elegance in an instant. Its natural grain and many colors, complements all types of décor and furnishings. Apart from which, wooden floorings are very adaptable to any type of climate and season.

Other natural wood which are popularly used for flooring and making furniture are removed from trees such as cherry, walnut and oak. The wood is run through a process of milling and then prepared as sheets which are used for flooring. Depending on the décor and requirement of the home owner, one can choose to either keep the natural grain visible as is or they can have it polished to a dark brown or black. Wooden floorings are durable, tough and sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

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