Wood Floors in Old Fashion Themes

There are different themes of interior designing in which incorporating wooden floor would be a great idea. There are some themes where wood flooring would look great:

Old fashioned look:

• Old fashion looks have different themes such as: historic & periodic style, mission style, and colonial decorating & mix modern & traditional style. When we apply historic & periodic style we can use wooden floor, hand-made crafting for designing our furniture. Application of Wooden, pine, black colors & wood that similar to such color will help us to enhance the look.

• Mission style is nature-oriented, & influenced by hand-made craft & arts. Wooden floors of this style have to be simple, solid with rough finish. We can use wood, such as: oak, cherry or walnut. Color applications also have to be nature-oriented & soft, such as: soft tans, brown, ochre-yellow etc.

• Application of colonial decorating theme would remind us of 17th century or New England style. While applying this style we can apply certain Materials of different type of wood such as: pine, birch, maple, walnut & cherry.
Thus usage of different type of wood pieces as a medium floor can make us successful to obtain a great royal, classic, old fashioned look.

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