Wood Flooring – What Are The Advantages Of Using Wood Floors?

Advantages of solid wood floors

Wood flooring is preferred because despite the effort that goes into maintaining these floors and the cost, they are perfect in a lot of ways. Firstly, they are very durable and can remain strong for up to a hundred years of you care for them well. There is a lot of choice available and each kind of wood has its own advantages. Solid wood floors are the most preferred because they are the most durable. They are also more resistant to wearing with daily use. They are good for use in cold places because they retain heat and keep the wood warm. Laminate wood, on the other hand, are cold. Solid wood is also a good choice because it is highly resistant to attacks by mites and does not readily turn into a breeding ground for microorganisms. They are also easy to clean.

Advantages of prefinished and unfinished hardwood floors

The biggest advantage of prefinished wood is that it does not require sanding and hence maintenance is easier when compared to unfinished floors. However, unfinished wood has the advantage of offering a good overall finish and appearance. It can also be sealed better, thus enhancing protection against moisture while retaining the natural wood appearance.

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