Wood Flooring – The Various Options Available

Major classifications

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of wood flooring – natural wooden floors and engineered wooden floor. Natural wooden floor is also called solid floors and again are of two kinds – hardwood floors and softwood floors. Solid floors are very strong and durable and if installed in the right manner, they can enhance the structural strength of the building. Solid floors are very attractive in appearance as well. They add grace and elegance to the room. However, natural wood floorings are susceptible to environmental factors. It is not advisable to use them in places of extreme temperature fluctuations since the floor boards can expand and contract due to such extremities. Further, they can rot when too much moisture comes into contact with them. Termites are another major problem with solid or natural wood flooring.

Fabricated or engineered wood flooring

As the name indicates, these floors are artificially fabricated in order to eliminate the disadvantages of solid wood flooring. Usually, the top layer is provided with wood and the underlying layer is made up of materials such as vinyl. These wood floors appear exactly like natural solid floors but are more weather resistant. They are the most widely used kind of wood due to the several advantages. Further, these are cheaper than natural wood and easier to install.

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