What is a floating hardwood floor?

A floating or floated hardwood floor is made up of your typical hardwood, and a special type of subfloor padding that is put in between the actual hardwood and the concrete. This padding that makes up the inner layers of the flooring are somewhat soft and can correct irregularities in the concrete, thereby creating a flat and leveled hardwood surface. This is not possible through typical hardwood installation using nails and staples. Worse is when the hardwoods are only glued. The glues cannot hold for long if the concrete isn’t leveled correctly.

The padding also provides a better degree of give to the hardwood, which in turn makes it feel more comfortable to walk on the floor. This gives a somewhat floating feeling when walking on the surface of the hardwood, hence the reason why the method is called floating hardwood installation.

The thing about floating hardwood floor installation is that it’s comparatively more expensive than the usual installation methods. In places like Washington DC, however, people can care less about the expenses of installing floating hardwood floors. Washington DC, after all, is considered a normally expensive place to live in. Going back to the point, floating hardwood floors are expensive but are definitely worth it.

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