Time frame and Cost of Refinishing your hardwood floor

There are a number of factors that one needs to take into consideration while refinishing a hard wood floor to bring back its original shine and luster. For starters, your budget and the condition of your floor will help you determine what type of floor reconditioning you require. The most cost –effective way to boost dulled floors is to screen and re-coat a wood floor. The process involves removal of shallow scratches and superficial marks with the help of a buffing machine followed by the polishing of the top coat. More wore out floors with dents and dings will require a more complete refinishing job.

The time frame of such a project depends on the size of the flooring, stain and finish used and the weather condition. The screening process for an average size room (12’ x 14’) itself will probably take nothing less than a day or two followed by the finishing which could take nearly the same amount of time.

Always remember that the prices of refinishing at a retail store may always be steeper than quotes from contractors. This is because stores work their profit margin into the cost. But no matter who you choose to go with make sure you verify the party’s credibility before you give them the job.

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