The world of engineered successes

Engineered flooring is known to be durable in nature. It is made by using a mix of real wood and ply. In this combination the layer of real wood is right on top and the rest of the plank is made up of plywood. Engineered flooring requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep but there are however a few points to ponder over and consider. Due to advanced technology which is used in the manufacturing of engineered flooring, it is an expensive option whose cost is almost at par with wooden floorings. It is also more expensive to install than laminate wooden floorings.

One of its biggest disadvantages is that unlike solid wood flooring, this flooring cannot be repaired frequently in the eventuality of bad damage. It can at the most be fixed twice since the surface layer is thin and soft. Solid wood flooring on the other hand can be polished or repaired a number of times, especially when scratches or blemishes occur on the surface. However, installing engineered flooring is a very quick and easy job which does not require much time or labor. It is imperative to maintain high levels of cleanliness daily basis since dirt tends to get lodged in the edges.

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