The Difference between Wooden and Laminated Floors

There are different outcomes of both wood & laminated floors as floor materials. It is very tough to set a comparison between these two. In order to set a comparison, we can look through them from various points of view. This are:

• Wooden floors are expensive; on the other hand laminated boards are quite cheap & can easily work as alternative to wooden board.

• Wooden floors cannot vary in a great range of colors, while choosing between the laminating boards we get excess to choose between a lots of colors.

• Wooden floors are easy to repair or fix, they do not need any replacement. On the other hand, laminated boards if gets broken or anything wrong happens, there is no alternative than changing the floor.

• Laminated boards are stain free & easy to maintain. On the other hand wooden boards are weather sensitive.

• Wooden floor maintains the eco-balance of the room. It absorbs the heat & humidity. Laminated boards have no such function. Sometimes they are said has ability to generate heat.

• Laminated boards are easy to install, on the other hand wooden floor installment needs a great range of expertness & care.

• Wooden floors are much more durable & long lasting than laminated boards.

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