Steps On Getting Through The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Hardwood floor refinishing is crucial in giving a fantastic look and results in flooring. It is a fact that some steps have to be adhered to, to attain the best results ever. The following are some of the steps which professionals follow and are very essential in floor refinishing. They are:

• Testing the finish
This enables them tell whether they get the desired results or not, depending on what they use in testing the finish. They use denatured alcohol to find out whether the varnish is right or not.

• Getting rid of old finish
If after going through the first step the results are not desirable for them, it is only crucial to strip off the finish and repaint the hardwood floor with a coat of stripper. This is left for sometime until the floor turns dull from the glossy look. They also ensure that there is enough ventilation by opening the windows or doors to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals.

• Scrapping the finish
After the second step the other major point would be to scrap the hardwood floor.
• Using shellac to seal the floor
Shellac is used to seal the floor before painting it afresh.
• Adding color
Once shellac has been applied, the experts go ahead to add color to the hardwood and later they add the top coat color for a better refinishing.

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