Sparring flooring

Most home owners until the last minute are ambiguous about their flooring options since there is a surfeit of alternatives and selections in the market. When it comes to making as simple a preference between hardwood floorings and tiles, there are various factors which help to dictate choices. Hardwood floors on one hand are made from natural and real wood such as oak, pine, bamboo and cherry. All these are felled and made into planks which are further cut to size and installed as per the requirement of the home owner’s space. Tiles on the other hand are mainly made of ceramic which like hardwood flooring need to be cut to fit a room’s specification.

The cost factor for hardwood flooring is much higher in comparison to ceramic tiles, especially when it comes to installation. Within hardwood flooring options the costs vary as it is based on the type of wood preferred. Hardwood floorings however are an ideal choice of homeowners with cavernous budgets. Like tiles too, hardwood floorings are also found in numerous textures, styles, color and designs. When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, both options have a lot in common and that is a daily cleanliness regime.

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