Solid Wood and Engineered Wood Variants of Oak Flooring

Hardwood floors are very often associated with a distinctive sense of style and class. They give an all new personality to a home. With innumerable options at one’s disposal, homeowners are sure to find an option that suits their needs best.

Hardwood flooring comes in pre-finished and unfinished versions. Oak flooring is the most popular type of hardwood flooring. Many textures and colors of oak flooring can be found. Oak is the hardest available wood in the world and is associated with unmatched strength and style. They are available as both, solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring, and are capable of withstanding immense loads and friction.

Solid wood flooring is made from purely perfected wood in form of individual, solid boards. These boards are continuous planks of wood. Solid wood flooring offers great value for money as they seldom need to be replaced and can be re-finished to suit changes in a home.

Apart from solid wood flooring, another available option for oak flooring is engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring mainly consists of manufactured wood planks fused together with solid hardwood veneer. Engineered flooring is more durable and resistant to changes in moisture and humidity. Hence, they are preferred for kitchens and basements.

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