Should I install hardwood floors?

If you are looking to change the floors in your home, you may be asking yourself what type of floor you should install. One type of floor that is very popular with many homeowners is hardwood flooring. When compared to other types of floors such as carpet, linoleum, and marble, hardwood floors offer the most benefits.

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should install hardwood floors is because they are very easy to care for. Using a broom, mop or swiffer every few days is all that you need to do in order to keep your hardwood floor clean. When compared to other types of floors that require extensive mopping, vacuuming and even waxing, hardwood floors require the least amount of work to maintain.

The other big reason why you should install hardwood floors is to help increase your home’s resale value. Hardwood floors provide a lot of options to a new homeowner when it comes to the type of floor they will install in their new home. While a new homeowner could stay with the hardwood floors you currently have in your home, they could just as easily install carpet over the top of your hardwood floor. If you have any other type of flooring other than hardwood floors, the new homeowners will have to rip up that floor before they put in their new carpet. Not having to do this is one reason why hardwood floors are so attractive to new homeowners.

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