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Amongst all flooring options and types, laminate floorings are best known for their sturdiness, toughness, durability and resilience. However, like any other floorings they too require regular cleaning and maintenance if it is to last a long time. This upkeep will prevent any repairs or replacements which will then cause the home owner unnecessary expenses. Laminate floorings however are not impervious or resistant to moisture and scratches. Spillage should be wiped up immediately with a paper towel or sponge. This will help to prevent the planks from delaminating or distorting because of the liquid. Anything which can scratch the floor’s surface like dirt or sand should be swept or vacuumed immediately.

Sweeping must be done with a soft bristles brush to avoid scratching the surface. Vacuuming is however a preferred option compared to sweeping. It is recommended to mop laminate flooring with a special floor cleaner designed for it. Water must not be used on the floor since liquids have a tendency to distort the flooring planks. For good upkeep of the floor and to ensure the planks remain undamaged it should only be cleaned with special cleaning agents. Stubborn stains or greasy spillages should be wiped with a soft, dry and clean cloth.

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