Repairing, Recoating and Restoring Harwood Floors

Popularity of hardwood floors has increased exponentially in recent years. These are made to last the lifetime of a building and seldom need to be replaced. Nevertheless, they may require professional maintenance service at certain times.
Many flooring companies which install hardwood floors also specialize in providing maintenance services for the same. Amongst the most prominent maintenance services they provide are repairing, recoating and restoring hardwood floors.

Repairing is required if hardwood floor boards come across damaged. A common form of damage is accidental gouging. In this scenario, disfigured boards are replaced with new ones. Following this, the floor is refinished. Refinishing is done to ensure that the repairs are not identifiable. For the purpose of refinishing, the surface is scuffed and a fresh coat is applied to the same. The procedure rejuvenates wood grain and makes the floors look as good as new again.

In fact, repairs sometimes become quintessential for hard wood floors, irrespective of whether they are raw wood or pre-finished. Damage is generally in the form of nicks or scratches. One can expect professionals to execute their repair services with a certain degree of expertise, such that the end result is impeccable and pleasing to the eye. The floors are invariably left in an exceptional condition.

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