Refinishing and Recoating of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are invariably associated with a very high degree of durability; they are meant to last for many years at a stretch. The value of hardwood floors is known to increase with time and they seldom need to be replaced. Nevertheless, they need to be refinished or restored at certain times.

It is generally easy to find a large number of businesses which specialize in refinishing hardwood floors. The visible difference before and after refinishing is significant. In most cases, refinishing is called for when a hardwood floor has undergone severe amount of wear and tear. Alternately, this may have been damaged caused due to high traffic patterns. A very commonly used technique for refinishing hardwood floors involves sanding them down to bare wood as the first step. This is often accomplished using some sort of a dust contaminant system. It more or less eliminates the creation of debris and accounts for a dustless refinishing experience. The next step is to stain the floors. Homeowners get their choice of finish for recoating the floors.

Another specialized service often provided by professionals is recoating. This is required when hardwood floors become dull. Recoating restores original luster of hardwood floors. It involves scuffing the floors before applying a fresh coat of finish.

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