Radiant laminates

Of all flooring available in present times in the market, laminate floorings are one of the easiest to maintain and keep clean. Despite its easy upkeep home owners should be careful not to distort, delaminate or deform the planks which constitute the base of the flooring. A special cleaner however must be used as this will allow the laminate flooring to last a long time. Apart from which it will also keep the surface shiny and gleaming. A wrong cleaner will end up causing damage to the floor and render it dreary and lusterless.

In order to restore old laminate flooring to its original luster, it is recommended to first vacuum or to sweep the floor so that all the dust and sand is remove from it. The flooring must be as clean and free of dirt. For the gleam and brilliance to return, one could use a mixture of one cup of white vinegar and one gallon of hot water in a two gallon bucket. The flooring should be cleaned or mopped with this solution. It is imperative to wring out all excess water. A mixture of vinegar and water can also be used to keep the floor glossy.

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