Parquet passion

Natural stone or wooden floorings are always expensive options to choose from and can cut a deep dent in the decorating budget. Parquet flooring however is a step below the ultimate luxury choices. With it one can achieve the same elegant and classy look as hardwood flooring. Parquet floorings are available in a variety of options, colors, designs, textures and sizes. They are economical and are able to accommodate all types of budgets. They are manufactured by joining of a combination of various woods such as walnut, mahogany, bamboo, pine, oak or cherry which are then cut into blocks in the later stages.

Parquet tiles come in eclectic geometric designs and are used to create striking patterns and motifs on the floors in larger rooms. They require a high level of maintenance and upkeep as they are prone to scratches. They are unable to withstand heat and will tend to fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Parquet flooring requires to be re-treated from time to time to protect the flooring. To keep it clean, a home owner must use only recommended cleaning materials. Vacuuming for dirt is the best way to remove dust from the floor. No two parquet floors will ever look the same.

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