Mosaic marvel

Mosaic tiles floorings are considered by home owners, architects and interior designers as one of the most ethnic and beautiful flooring options. They can transform the look of any room from dull to fashionable and are often the focal point in it. Mosaic tiles are usually used in homes to create a serene, Zen like ambience. They make ideal flooring choices for bathroom spaces and create an old-world charm. However, any mosaic tiled room is automatically elevated in its luxury quotient by its presence. These tiles can also be used in certain sections of dining, kitchen, living or bedroom spaces. It adds more creativity to the space and is found in a plethora of designs, colors and combinations

Mosaic tiles are expensive and require a lot of maintenance for its longevity. Although they are resistant to stains and mold, yet they get dirty fast in the grooves present in them. Cleaning them is a time consuming task which can be done with warm water and a damp cloth. Mosaic tiles are durable but can get scratched easily and cannot withstand heavy traffic. Mosaic tiles are more for aesthetic purposes rather than for practical reasons since they tend to chip and break easily.

Tile it right

There are many flooring options for a home owner to choose from when it comes to choosing the appropriate one for their home. Whether it is building a new home or re-decorating the existing one, the options are plentiful. As it is with other popular flooring choices, tiles too are fast catching up and taking a sizable chunk of the market share. Tiles are available in myriad textures, sizes, colors, designs, varieties and qualities to choose and fit into all budget types. Tiled flooring requires no maintenance it is easy to clean.

However, they have tendency to attract dirt and grime therefore it is important to clean it daily in order to maintain a good level of hygiene in a home. Vacuuming the dirt off and then mopping it off with a cold damp cloth is the ideal way to clean it. One could even add a floor disinfectant to the water while cleaning it. Tiles are easy to install, replace and repair. There is a risk of breakage in the pre as well as post installation stages. It is prudent to buy a few extra ones which can be used to replace the broken ones during installation or later.

Wood work

Wooden floorings add warmth to a home in many ways; not just by creating a warm ambience but also keeping temperatures balanced in extreme climates. Homes that are located in colder climates will benefit greatly if they use wooden flooring. It helps to retain the heat and insulate the rooms. Apart from which wooden flooring adds elegance, beauty and stylish appeal to a home thus increasing its value considerably. This will help the home owner who can fetch higher price for the property at the time of selling it. Wooden floorings are available in a plethora of options, textures, qualities, colors and hues to choose from. There is always something to suit all needs and fit into budgets.

Wooden flooring instantly augments the aesthetic appeal of any room in a home and is also durable to withstand daily wear and tear. The wooden boards are protected with latest protective finish coatings which help to maintain its longevity. They are not resistant to moisture and liquids. Any spillage or stain should be cleaned and mopped with a damp cloth. Wooden flooring do not gather much dust or grim and can be vacuumed from time to time to keep the room clean.

Wooden wonder

One of the most expensive natural flooring options is the wooden one. It’s aesthetic appeal, elegance and classy look makes it an ideal choice for home owners who wish to indulge their senses. Although it is an expensive one, it is not a steeply priced as marble, granite or other natural stone floorings. Home owners who wish to make a statement about their wealth and opulence willingly spend on wooden flooring. It can transform a dull room into one of chic elegance in an instant. Its natural grain and many colors, complements all types of décor and furnishings. Apart from which, wooden floorings are very adaptable to any type of climate and season.

Other natural wood which are popularly used for flooring and making furniture are removed from trees such as cherry, walnut and oak. The wood is run through a process of milling and then prepared as sheets which are used for flooring. Depending on the décor and requirement of the home owner, one can choose to either keep the natural grain visible as is or they can have it polished to a dark brown or black. Wooden floorings are durable, tough and sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Laminate logic

Often in a home, the flooring is the focal point and is an integral factor which can instantly make or break the aesthetics of a space. There is a plethora of flooring options available in the market in present time and one of the most elegant is the wooden one. For those home owners who cannot afford such expensive flooring have laminate flooring options which come closest to natural wood. Laminate flooring has a high level of aesthetic appeal; with its smooth finishing, attractive textures and light hues. It is also easy to afford and a home owner can easily find what they are looking for within their budget. Laminate floorings are available in myriad shades, designs, options and colors.

Any flooring in a home should be not only easy to maintain, clean and durable but also be aesthetic and complement the décor of a home. Laminate floorings too are easy to maintain, clean, practical and durable. Keeping laminate flooring clean and hygienic involves no extra work except using a vacuum cleaner to clean it. A light mop of warm water and floor solution will ensure its lasting luster. Laminate floorings do not need wax, polish or harsh chemicals to keep them well maintained.

Child capers

Every parent plans to make their child’s room a haven of safety where the child not only can sleep well but can spend a lot of time playing. Preparing to beautify their child’s room brings immense joy to the home owner and the process is a lot of fun too. In a child’s room parents are able to unleash their creativity and imagination. Decorating furnishings and walls with fairytale themes, butterflies, flowers the list is endless. In all this it is easy to forget that children spend their years growing up on the floor. It is necessary and important to ensure that the children’s rooms will have appropriate floorings. However, children also out grow most things and similarly they will outgrow the room too.

It does not make economic sense to splurge on the flooring which can also be done done in a reasonable budget. A home owner just needs to ensure that the tiles are durable, anti-slipping and maintenance free. The flooring in a child’s room has to be sturdy enough to face the daily wear and tear, spillage, throwing of objects and running around. Flooring used will need to have more friction in order to prevent accidents caused due to slipping.

Bamboo blazing

Bamboo flooring help to creating not only a warm and cozy ambience in a room, but it is eco-friendly as well. This flooring is made by ripping apart the bamboo plant and then reassembling it into boards or planks. The Bamboo tress is considered to be one of the toughest trees on earth but this process of tearing the plant apart weakens it. Bamboo flooring is slowly taking over the market share as the leader since it is as tough, durable and stylish as any other hardwood flooring. Carbonized bamboo on the other hand is softer in the nature of its properties.

In a home, it is suitable to use bamboo flooring in almost all rooms except those with high levels of moisture such as bathroom spaces. However, living rooms, kitchens, laundry areas and even bedrooms can be have bamboo flooring which is not only durable and sturdy but also very attractive. This enhances and complements the décor of the rooms. There are lots of choices and varieties and colors to choose from but the three main colors available in the market are light blonde or yellow, darker yellow to beige of carbonized bamboo and a variety of colored stains or stained bamboo.

Bathroom bonanza

Bathing has always been considered more of an experience and ritual instead of a daily routine. Ancient Roman and Muslim civilizations gave a lot of importance to bathing and keeping the body clean. In present times too, most home owners prefer the solitude of their bathroom spaces for some peace and quiet, away from the rest of the family members. Whether it is bathing in a shower cubicle or a bath tub, with the fragrance and the gentle light of scented candles it can be a relaxing affair. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that statistics show that the maximum number of accidents at home occurs in bathrooms, due to wet and slippery floors.

However attractive a home owner would like to making their bathroom space, it is equally necessary to consider an attractive yet practical flooring option. The market offers a variety of such floorings which are suitable for bathroom space and serve multiple functions of durability, anti-slippery features and practicality. Since there are myriad options to select from it is possible to get confused. Making the right choice requires not only a bit of patience but also correct knowledge. Depending on the budget, a home owner can make the correct choice.

Marble magic

Marble is defined in the dictionary as a form of limestone transformed through heat and pressure of metamorphism into a dense, variously colored crystallized rock. Since time immemorial and through recorded historical volumes it has been learnt that the usage of marble was considered a mark of opulence and artistic ability. It was used by many ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Aztecs and even the Mughals who used it abundantly to The Taj Mahal which is considered the greatest symbol of love and a wonder of the world. Thousands of years later, it is still the number one choice of home owners, architects and interior designers who swear by marble as their preferred flooring choice in order to make a statement. It’s timeless beauty and elegance makes it an expensive choice. Choosing marble as a flooring option is a smart one due to its durability and sturdiness. It comes in a plethora of colors, qualities, styles, textures, patterns and designs. There is always something to suit all needs and budgets. Being resistant to bacteria, marble floorings help to keep the surroundings hygienic, clean and free from allergens. It is an ideal flooring choice for home owners who have respiratory illnesses.

Parquet passion

Natural stone or wooden floorings are always expensive options to choose from and can cut a deep dent in the decorating budget. Parquet flooring however is a step below the ultimate luxury choices. With it one can achieve the same elegant and classy look as hardwood flooring. Parquet floorings are available in a variety of options, colors, designs, textures and sizes. They are economical and are able to accommodate all types of budgets. They are manufactured by joining of a combination of various woods such as walnut, mahogany, bamboo, pine, oak or cherry which are then cut into blocks in the later stages.

Parquet tiles come in eclectic geometric designs and are used to create striking patterns and motifs on the floors in larger rooms. They require a high level of maintenance and upkeep as they are prone to scratches. They are unable to withstand heat and will tend to fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Parquet flooring requires to be re-treated from time to time to protect the flooring. To keep it clean, a home owner must use only recommended cleaning materials. Vacuuming for dirt is the best way to remove dust from the floor. No two parquet floors will ever look the same.