Wood Flooring – How to Get the Best Deals On Wood Floors

Decide your budget

The cost of the wooden floor depends on the kind of floor you want o buy. You have a lot of choice and can choose between oak, teak, maple and many more. The cost of maple is more than oak and as the wood gets harder, the price gets higher. Teak is a very expensive wood. Based on your interior scheme, you can choose the color of the floor. The cost depends on the use of solid or engineered wood as well. While natural solid wood is very expensive these days, engineered or laminated wood is cheaper, which is why a lot of people have shifted to using engineered floors. Added to that is the factor that engineered wood floors are easier in installation and more resistant to weather conditions. When you plan to buy your wood flooring, consider all these factors and choose the one that is most favorable.

Where to find wood floors for cheap?

If you want cheap wood floors, then look online, with a huge range of stores that house every kind of wooden floor, you can have a lot of choice. Also, many of these stores offer good discounts, free shipping charges and many more benefits. You can do all your shopping from home and get the goods delivered at your doorstep.

Wood Flooring – The Various Options Available

Major classifications

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of wood flooring – natural wooden floors and engineered wooden floor. Natural wooden floor is also called solid floors and again are of two kinds – hardwood floors and softwood floors. Solid floors are very strong and durable and if installed in the right manner, they can enhance the structural strength of the building. Solid floors are very attractive in appearance as well. They add grace and elegance to the room. However, natural wood floorings are susceptible to environmental factors. It is not advisable to use them in places of extreme temperature fluctuations since the floor boards can expand and contract due to such extremities. Further, they can rot when too much moisture comes into contact with them. Termites are another major problem with solid or natural wood flooring.

Fabricated or engineered wood flooring

As the name indicates, these floors are artificially fabricated in order to eliminate the disadvantages of solid wood flooring. Usually, the top layer is provided with wood and the underlying layer is made up of materials such as vinyl. These wood floors appear exactly like natural solid floors but are more weather resistant. They are the most widely used kind of wood due to the several advantages. Further, these are cheaper than natural wood and easier to install.

Wood Flooring – Advantages and Limitations of Using Them

Wood flooring – the preferred choice

Wood flooring is the most preferred kind of flooring because it offers a lot of advantages. Firstly, they look excellent. A polished wood floor can be the best indoor accessory since it can single-handedly carry off the look of the room. They are durable as well. However, these floors require regular care and maintenance, without which they tend to get scratched and degenerate. If you take proper care, then these floors last for years. Installing hardwood floors will let you refinish them several times. You can add a different hue to your room and enhance the beauty. The other important advantage of floors is that they are strong and sturdy. They also add structural strength to the structure if you use wood beams.

High care and maintenance

The biggest limitation of wood floor is that they are not very easy to maintain. Care and maintenance are ongoing processes that you cannot ignore. Regular cleaning, vacuuming and ensuring that the floor is away from moisture are the basic guides. If you have pets, then the care is more complicated since you have to ensure that the nails of your pets are trimmed and that they do not bring stones and metal pieces that can scratch the floor. Further, any little damage caused is to be repaired immediately.

Hardwood Floors – How To Take Care Of Them?

Regular Hardwood maintenance

Although hardwood floor is one of the best looking floors of all, care and maintenance have to be given due importance in order to lend it a long life. One of the first things to keep in mind is regular cleaning. Tiny particles such as stones and metallic pieces can cause scratches on the floor. Regular cleaning is essential to get rid of such particles immediately. The second factor is mopping. While mopping, never use too much water. Being wood, it absorbs moisture and gets soaked over a period of time. Washing wood floors is never a good idea. However, the best way to care for hardwood floor is vacuuming. This gets rid of the tiniest of dust particles and provides complete cleaning without having to use water. Do not use harsh chemicals, acid and detergents that are not meant for wood flooring.

Long term maintenance

Refinishing might be necessary if your wooden floor is badly damaged. In order to keeps your floor looking good for long, use mats and rugs in places where there is high movement of people. Also take care that the floor is protected from moisture. Regular termite treatments are necessary if there is even a whiff of the pest.

Hardwood Floors – What and What Not to Do

Things to do when dealing with hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are some of the best kinds of flooring that suit all interior spaces. However, you need to follow some basic guidelines in order to ensure that your flooring remains long and durable. One of the first things is not to experiment with the installation and hire a professional service for the installation. Hardwood flooring can be expensive and unless installed properly, they tend to get damaged. The other thing that you should keep in mind is pest protection. If there are two enemies of hardwood, they are moisture and termites. Make sure that the floor is duly protected from both these elements. It is also important that the hardwood floor be allowed to take in the temperature variations and the humidity of the place where it is going to be installed before installation.

What not to do with hardwood floor

Never install hardwood floor in places where there is high moisture, for example, bathrooms and outdoor porches that are exposed to rain and snow. It is also essential not to use hardwood floor in places that experience severe fluctuation of temperature, such as extreme heat and freezing chills. While cleaning hardwood floor, use soft materials and never use brooms or cleaning equipment with steel or metallic bristles.

Hardwood Floors – Stylish, Sturdy and Strong

Hardwood floors add a sense of style to the space

Hardwood floors are classics in floor types. They have been used to enhance the style, class and elegance of an indoor space for centuries. However, apart form being stylish, extremely elegant and powerful in visual appeal, hardwood floors are preferred because of their strength and sturdiness. They add structural strength and are durable. The varieties offered in hardwood floors are huge. You can get them in all kinds of shades as well. While the natural tinge of brown is unmatched in elegance and style, you can also get your wood floor stained in order to add more color and to blend it in with the interior design scheme.

Flexible usage

Hardwood floors provide flexibility of usage. They look good in most of the spaces, be it your living room, bedrooms, the dining area or closed porch. You can also very effectively use them for office spaces. They lend a sense of sophistication and make the office look very professional. Hardwood floors are also great for games rooms and bars. In short, they look great every where are blend in with any kind of interior space. They are also available in different finishes and polishes.

Floor Refinishing – Few Useful Tips

Decide if you can do it manually

If you know that it is time for refinishing your wooden floor, then the next thing that you have to do is decide whether to hire a professional floor refinishing service or do it on your own. This choice is a largely personal one. If you have the time and energy to put in all the effort required for the job, then you can do it yourself. The choice depends on the intensity of damage as well. If the damage is too much and advanced stain removal is required, then you will do well to hire a professional service. Further, if you are allergic to dust, then you should not only not do it yourself but also keep far away from the site. The dust that rises from the sanding process can be chocking. In order to avoid this problem, you can hire a professional service that has expertise in green refinishing process because this does not raise dust.

Choose products carefully

The products such as waxes, polishes and other stain removal agents have to be chosen after proper inspection. They have to be a permitted product. Follow instructions on the packaging very carefully. There are a numerous websites that offer guidance about DIY refinishing works. You can consult the sites for all the information that you require.

Floor Refinishing – Choose the Environment Friendly Green Refinish Service

What is green refinishing?

Wooden floors require refinishing in order to restore their shine and luster. More importantly, refinishing is required to refresh and restore the water proof property of the floor. Owing to the increase in awareness about the need to protect environment, green finishing methods have been developed for the hardwood floor. These methods do not use heavy sanding and the conventional techniques but use specialized methods that remove cracks and stains from the floor in a gentler manner. The biggest advantage of green techniques is that there is no dust that is usually generated by conventional refinishing methods. The polishes used for refinishing are made out of environmentally friendly materials. Further, if you suffer from dust allergies or other respiratory problems, then avoiding the dust can be a huge blessing.

Excellent results

By using green wood floor refinishing methods, you can enhance the beauty of the floor manifold. However, it is important that you hire professional services that are experienced in the job and understand the nuances of refinishing your floor in the green way. This way, the finish is excellent and your floor looks as good as new. Although slightly more expensive than traditional methods, green refinishing is worth every cent it takes.

Floor Refinishing – How Do You Know That It Is Time?

When to go in for floor refinishing?

Although hardwood floors have long been one of the best options for flooring because they add a sense of class and elegance to the floor, they need a high level of care and maintenance. Refinishing is one of the basic care necessities for a hardwood floor. But how do you know that it is time to go in for refinishing? Actually, the symptoms are pretty obvious. The first signs are dullness in the shine and finish. The floor develops a matte kind of finish with no shine. Secondly, if the floor has undergone a lot of wear, it is likely to develop small cracks, which need to be filled immediately. Although you can do some of the small works on your own by filling cracks with wax, you will require refinishing if the floor loses resistance to moisture.

A simple test

In order to prevent wood from absorbing water, it is coated with a water-proof solution. If this layer of polish disappears, then you definitely need to go in for a refinishing. To test, drop some water on the floor. If the floor absorbs the water, it signifies that the polish no longer exists. If the polish is intact, then water takes a similar form to that of water on leaves of a lotus – it converges into a big drop.

Floor Refinishing – How To Choose The Best Company?

Choose the best company for long lasting wood floors

It is very important that you choose the best company for refinishing your wooden floors. It is, in fact, as important as choosing a company for laying the floor boards. Efficiently refinished floors last longer. When it comes to choosing a company for refinishing, cost should not be the foremost criteria. A company that promises very low prices but does not deliver efficient work can cause a lot of expenditure in the long run, which can all cumulate to being higher than the original cost of refinishing. The reputation and efficiency of the company have to be your major selection criteria.

After care

Any efficient company will leave the premises clean and looking as good as new. They need to clean up the dust and dirt that occurs during refinishing. Procedures like sanding and dusting can cause a lot of dust, which can accumulate on various objects in the room. Clearing them up should be an important part of the service. In order to hire an efficient company, you have to book several weeks in advance. These companies are in high demand and may also have a waiting period. You can talk to them and choose a company that proves most satisfactory. Requesting quotes will give you an idea about costs incurred.