Why You Should Choose Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the most popular type of flooring today. With the increase in popularity of bamboo floors, hardwood flooring in Alexandria is the most preferred choice for flooring. Hardwood flooring adds an element of elegance to your home due of its classic look.

Hardwood floors provide warmth and comfort to your home because of their coziness. One of the best aspects is its highly durable nature. In Alexandria, you can find various types of hardwood flooring and you should consider all your needs and options before making the right decision. Prices vary according to the type of the wood you select. With proper maintenance, you can be ensured that the flooring lasts very long and it’s worth spending the amount on the quality of the wood.

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Why Should we Install Hardwood Floors?

Most home owners want to uplift the beauty of their house, but are not sure about the items that would enhance both look and value of their house. Though placements of paintings, craft works, wall hangings and decorative pieces will improve the outlook of the place, all these artistic goods would cost half the price of the building. Thus, installation of hardwood flooring is regarded as durable plus sensible investment. Hardwood flooring will definitely give a classy sophisticated look to the entire place. Moreover, hardwood floorings are installed to increase the aesthetic values of the house.

Hardwood floorings are comparatively cheap and easy to install. Additionally, wood would keep the place warm and intact even in extremely cold winters. The wood that is used for flooring can be recycled and transformed into vivid designs. These eco-friendly floorings will enrich the health of its residents. Retailers of Washington DC sell fine quality hardwood. These vendors trade hardwood floor chunks on return basis. Which means, whenever the wood looks shabby or has lost its shine; then the buyer can replace his/her old wooden flooring with a new one.

Always hire a professional for the installation of hardwood flooring. Universal Floors Inc. is considered as one of the best wood flooring contactors of Washington DC.

Selecting an Apt Wood Floor

It is absolutely common that you are anxious about the selection of apt flooring for your house. Not only you, there are many homeowners out there, who are equally worried about the flooring.
Even though there are many floors, nothing can ever beat a wood floor. It is strong, flexible, easy to maintain etc. However, recently, there has been an increase in the types of wooden floors as well. With the growth in demand for wood floors, there are several types of wood flooring options open for you.

Wood floors can be bought in unfinished and finished phases. The finished wood floors come with a fine finishing and you will not need any sort of coat on its surface; while the unfinished wood floors will require a nice finish and as well as coating of your choice.

Another major advantage of a wood floor is that you may customize the design of the wood according to your wish. However, make sure that whatever designs you chose suits with your wall colors.

If you approach a reliable Maryland wood floor contractor, like Universal Floors, you will be made familiar with the varieties of wood and the personnel will be more than happy to guide you throughout the selection process.

Lamination Floors are a good Alternative

For those people who believe that hardwood floors are just out of their budget, laminate flooring comes to the rescue. Laminate floors are not traditional wood floors, but do offer some good advantages, which are similar to wood floors. With the constant changes in house renovations and flooring options, laminate flooring has been found to be much cheaper and easy to install than other floors.

A laminate floor has protective layers to safeguard the wood from water spills and stubborn stains. When installing a laminate floor, you will realize that it requires fewer workforces, when compared to hardwood flooring. This is mainly because of the availability of laminate floor slabs, which form a nice locking mechanism, thereby simplifying the entire process. Moreover, such mechanisms are also easy to remove during renovations.

Choosing the right grade of the laminate floors is very essential. If you select a low grade floor for a heavy traffic area, you are going to ruin the floors in a short time.

If you are a resident of Maryland and completely oblivious to the laminate floors, then you might want to talk to expert Wood Flooring Contractors like Universal Floors Inc. They shall help you with the selection, transport, installation and post-installation services as well.

Laminate Floors the Proper Way

Marble, granite, tiles and hardwood floorings multiply the beauty of a house. However, these are very expensive and need a lot of maintenance. Retailers of Maryland have introduced an economical way of flooring which is termed as laminate flooring.
Laminate flooring resembles hardwood flooring; only difference would be the thickness of the floorboard. Laminate floorings are both durable and easy to maintain. In laminate flooring, plastic-coated paper sheets are rolled over the surface of the floor. Patterns on the laminate flooring need not always be of wood or tiles. Markets of Maryland are filled with several mesmerizing designs of laminate flooring that will suit any interior.

Installation of laminate flooring is very easy and stress-free. All we need to do is cut the sheets according to the dimensions of the room. The surface of the floorboard must be smooth and squeak free. Soundproof cushions should be placed one above the other, until the flooring raises three inches above the ground level. Cushions must be glued with duct tapes to avoid movement. Start laying the sheet all over the room in a specific direction to avoid overlapping. Remove the baseboards shelters if they are covering the wall area of the room. Edges of the laminated flooring must be hidden behind the baseboard outlet.

If you want to know more about laminate flooring, then you can contact the professionals of Universal Floors Inc. They will give you adequate information on the types of floorings and their charges.

Important Facts about Hardwood Flooring

The trend of hardwood flooring has always been chic. It has never gone out of fashion. Wooden floors enhance any interiors. That is the reason many homeowners prefer hardwood flooring.
A wooden floor is aesthetically appealing. Wooden floors are easy to clean. They last forever with minimal care. They bring nature’s touch into your décor. The key advantage of hardwood floors is that they match almost any furnishing and interior decoration. Be it retro or modern, hardwood floors are the best you can give your home.

There is no other flooring type that radiates such comfort and luxury. It enhances the value of a property. The initial investment for a hardwood floor is higher than other kinds of flooring materials. The reason is that a wooden floor does not need replacement. It also fetches great resale value for your property.

A number of manufactures sell hardwood flooring directly. Wholesale purchases are great as they are available at attractive prices.

If you want to pay less and gain more, you can consider the option of laminate hardwood flooring. Telling laminate and hardwood apart is not easy anymore. Manufacturing techniques have made hardwood and laminate look identical. Therefore, you can also buy laminate hardwood flooring to enjoy the wooden touch at wholesale prices.

How to Choose Proper Wood Flooring for your House?

Wood flooring has been always been a favorite choice of people across the world. Ages ago, wood was used as an inert part of construction. Flooring, decoration items, racks and cupboards of the house were built from wood. Now with the passing time, people have started using articles made of steel, iron, plastic and glass. Though the latest items are expensive and carved from machines, they cannot recreate the magic of wood articles. Thus, people are trying to reinstall the ancient ambience by replacing their marble, tile and laminate floorings with wood. Wood floorings are strong, dependable and easily renewed.

Earlier wood flooring was just an alignment of rectangular blocks of woods. However, now wood used for flooring is improvised to suit all weather conditions as well as terrains. The surface layer of the wood is covered with waterproof material, in order to prevent the rotting of wood. Sliced wood logs are sent for processing to remove the leftover moisture from the solid wood. All the wooden planks used for flooring should have factory applied finish. Else the uneven surface of wood will clench the dust and dirt particles in its openings.

Maryland is famous for its processed wood flooring. Universal Floors Inc. is famous for its exclusive wood flooring patterns. This company doesn’t just install floorings, but also takes the responsibility of its maintenance.

Hardwood Floors are still IN!

Hardwood floors have been around for decades and people are still drawn towards it. Their rigidity and strength to endure tremendous foot traffic make them an ideal choice for many house owners and almost all offices. Moreover, hardwood floors give out an austere aesthetic look that no other flooring option could provide.

Apart from being sturdy and strong flooring options, hardwood floors are also known for their easy maintenance. They do not need excessive chemical treatment to clean stains. Hence, even though the initial cost of the hardwood is slightly more than some other flooring options, it pays off in the long run. Furthermore, by installing hardwood floors for your house, you are also increasing the value of your property.

Hardwood floors are also preferred as they do not pose any health issues. Some people opt for carpet floors and they end up catching allergies, due to the entangling nature of the carpet material. To top it all, hardwood is also a good renewable resource and poses no danger to the environment, whatsoever.

You can find some fine hardwood flooring contractors like Universal Floors at Virginia. All you need to do is contact them and request for a quote for the area that needs hardwood flooring.

Great Tips to Clean Wooden Floors after Removing the Carpet

Not all homeowners find hardwood floors under their carpets in Virginia. The floorboards can be in a drastic condition due to wear and tear. Generally household debris like dust, dried grease, adhesives accumulate under carpets. To clean such wooden floors, you need to follow certain steps. Even after you clean, the wood might require a coat of finish to restore its quality.

Make sure you have a vacuum, or heat gun, oil soap solution, white distilled vinegar, lots of soap towels and a dust mop. Before you get down to clean the wooden surface, clear off all debris. Vacuum the surface.

The next step is to remove the dried adhesives. As they are strongly attached to the wooden surface, use chemicals to remove dried adhesives. Ensure that you do not scratch the wooden boards. You can use soap towels and hot water to remove dried grease and other adhesives.

Lastly, mix oil soap solution in 1 gallon of warm water. Use this liquid to scrub the wooden surfaces. After cleaning thoroughly, drain and dry all the water from the wooden floor. Repeat this until your wooden floor is completely dry.

You can use black tea or vinegar to shine the floor after cleaning.

Easy Way to Refinish your Hardwood Floors

If the hardwood flooring of your house looks worn out, then all you need to do is refinish the entire floorboards with proper equipment and techniques. The hardwood floor refinishing task would take ample time, effort and dedication. However, the end result of hardwood floor refinishing work would look extraordinary. Firstly, detect the areas that need hardwood floor refinishing and then empty the room. Articles like nails, carpet staples and tacks should be pulled out from the floor to avoid ripping of sandpaper.

Rent a good sander to smoothen the hardwood surface. You will find vivid varieties of sander machines in the stores of Maryland; take a machine that is easy to handle. Ask the owner to demonstrate the working pattern of the sander. If the sander isn’t handled with care or by mistake the sander is left unmoved at a particular point, then your negligence will chop the hardwood flooring of your house. Sander should always be moved in a specific direction giving uniform strokes. Irregular movement of the machine will spoil the beauty of the hardwood flooring.

After the flooring is been smoothened, arrange for a varnish to give the hardwood flooring a shiny look. If hardwood floor refinishing process sounds backbreaking, then feel free to hire a professional flooring company. Universal floors, Inc. is one of leading flooring companies of Washington DC that has impressed its clients with their promising working style.