Wood Floors in Old Fashion Themes

There are different themes of interior designing in which incorporating wooden floor would be a great idea. There are some themes where wood flooring would look great:

Old fashioned look:

• Old fashion looks have different themes such as: historic & periodic style, mission style, and colonial decorating & mix modern & traditional style. When we apply historic & periodic style we can use wooden floor, hand-made crafting for designing our furniture. Application of Wooden, pine, black colors & wood that similar to such color will help us to enhance the look.

• Mission style is nature-oriented, & influenced by hand-made craft & arts. Wooden floors of this style have to be simple, solid with rough finish. We can use wood, such as: oak, cherry or walnut. Color applications also have to be nature-oriented & soft, such as: soft tans, brown, ochre-yellow etc.

• Application of colonial decorating theme would remind us of 17th century or New England style. While applying this style we can apply certain Materials of different type of wood such as: pine, birch, maple, walnut & cherry.
Thus usage of different type of wood pieces as a medium floor can make us successful to obtain a great royal, classic, old fashioned look.

The Difference between Wooden and Laminated Floors

There are different outcomes of both wood & laminated floors as floor materials. It is very tough to set a comparison between these two. In order to set a comparison, we can look through them from various points of view. This are:

• Wooden floors are expensive; on the other hand laminated boards are quite cheap & can easily work as alternative to wooden board.

• Wooden floors cannot vary in a great range of colors, while choosing between the laminating boards we get excess to choose between a lots of colors.

• Wooden floors are easy to repair or fix, they do not need any replacement. On the other hand, laminated boards if gets broken or anything wrong happens, there is no alternative than changing the floor.

• Laminated boards are stain free & easy to maintain. On the other hand wooden boards are weather sensitive.

• Wooden floor maintains the eco-balance of the room. It absorbs the heat & humidity. Laminated boards have no such function. Sometimes they are said has ability to generate heat.

• Laminated boards are easy to install, on the other hand wooden floor installment needs a great range of expertness & care.

• Wooden floors are much more durable & long lasting than laminated boards.

The Advantages of Using Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are always trendy & never go outdated. A simple combination of wooden floor with wooden furniture will take you back to thousand years & it still has the same appeal. Not only with look, there are various advantages of using wooden floors, such as:

• Wooden floors help you to maintain a healthy climate in your house. It prevents the spread of allergy. Dust, germs or bacteria does not get chance over wood to grow & prevents your home from air Bourne contamination. On the other hand the natural floor coverage provides a natural indoor climate.

• Wooden floors have the ability to absorb heat & humidity & thus it produces an ambient air continuously.

• Wood is the natural raw material which lasts for a long time. Perfect installation of wooden floors can last long up to hundreds of years.

• Wooden floors are not only strong & durable, but also they are warm & vibrant. Wood can maintain a great eco-balance of your house.

• Wooden floors are easy to repair if any problem occurs. This facility is not available with other materials of flooring. Other materials must have to be replaced, if they are broken, stained or other problems occur to them.

Wood with its various advantages also helps to show your personality & makes the impression of you house better.

The Advantage of Using Engineered Boards

The engineered wooden board usage in floor has many advantages. The great beneficial features of engineered wooden board is making it more popular day by day. Now a day we see engineered board usage on the floor is the most common type of wooden floor construction. Engineered wooden floor is popular in all over the world. Engineered wooden board is called to have dimensional stability & universal usage.

It has patented installation system which allows it to be installed fast & easy replacement of boards. It also allows floating installation which eases the repairing at the time of need. Engineered board is also suitable for under floor heating system, & that is why it has popularity in new building constructions. However one needs to be careful about the average temperature for heating over engineered wood, as overheating can cause damage to the wood layout. There are also other facilities of using engineered wood boards rather than using solid boards, as engineered wooden boards comes up with a bigger plank sine than the solid planks.

The hardness & durability of engineered wooden board is very high just as it is with solid wood board. That is why one can easily switch to engineered wood rather than using solid wood, because of it advantages over using solid boards.

Manufacturing Process of Wooden Floors

There are different methods which are followed in order to manufacturing wooden floor. The shaping down of a raw timber to a well finished wooden plank for floor is a tough & complex process and is completed by various steps. The different type of method for wood manufacturing is given below:

Rotary peel: the process involves boiling the wood log in water at a certain temperature for a minimal time. Then, it is peeled by using blades & thus it is formed into a wood veneer. Then it is pressed flat with high pressure. Such process can have problems like: curling back of wood.

Sliced peel: the process begin with boiling, then the wood is sliced into disc shape veneers, then the veneers go through the same procedure as rotary peeling method.

Dry solid-sawn: in this process the logs are kept in a low humidity level & dried slowly to draw moisture. Then the logs are sawed for making solid hard wood planks.

After the process of making wood planks by using different methods, finishing touches are given to them. The wood planks are given floor finishing, refinishing & after that final finish touch up is given through the sanding process. All these complex process combines into the simple wood board we get to see down our foot on floors.

Laminated Boards for Your Floors

There are various advantages of using laminated floors. Laminated floors are floor pieces that are made from fiber board with a top coating of protective wear layer. Laminated floors are very cheap, so comparatively it can save more money from your interior budget than other types of flooring. Laminated floor are also found in different colors, so one can easily switch to any mood according to her choice if he or she decides to have laminated floor designs in their house.

Laminated floor designs come in various customized design, such as: beach mode, walnut wooden mode, oak mode, peach mode etc. one can also choose between solid colors according to his or her choice. Laminated boards are available in various colors, such as: white, black, pink, brown etc. one thing to remain careful about choosing colors is that you must choose colors that complement your wall painting & the furniture of your rooms. A good combination will make you room’s interior look great, while a mismatch will make it a mess.

Another advantage of using laminated boards is that it comes with a very easy installation feature. So if you want to make your room look great without spending much, it’s time to hit in the market in search of laminated boards.

Engineered Wood Board as a Material of Flooring

Engineered wood is a combination of two or more layers of wood in a form of plank which are used to construct wooden floors. The top layer called lamella, & it is visible when the plank is installed on floor. The top layer is provided with support from the core layer to maintain stability.

Engineering wooden floor is the most common type of wooden floor used all over the world. It is quickly catching the market of solid wood. Another category of engineered wood flooring is acrylic impregnated wood flooring. This wooden material utilizes a real wood veneer that is impregnated with liquid acrylic and then hardened using a special process. Many people confuse engineered wooden board with other alternatives of wood such as: laminated board, vinyl wood board etc. these are not true, laminated board is made from partex fibers with a top layer which looks like wood.

On the other hand vinyl board contains wood on its top layer but is not fully made of it. Its core is made from partex fiber boards or sheet. In the era of green environment processions, engineering wooden floor can help us to remain stickled to nature at the same time the environment go green.

Different Types of Wood Used on Floor

When you decide to make your room floor wooden, you also need to know the type of wood you should use in order to have a good finish in floor. There are several types of wood which we use for flooring & furniture. These types of wood that are used for floor construction are called as hard wood. This type of wood are: beech, oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut etc.

Beech: The beech wood has the specifications of Close-grain, they are hard, tough and strong, these type of wood works and finishes well, wears well but prone to warping and weather. This type of wood is Excellent for flooring. They are good for solid wood constructions as well. These woods are fairly cheap.

Oak: This type of wood are Very strong, heavy, durable, hard and tough, it finishes well, open grained, it contains acid which rusts steel fittings but this type of wood is very expensive.

Cherry: Cherry is a beautiful wood with a fairly close grain. It is pinkish/brown in color and has sweeping grain features, but they are not as much durable as other types of hard wood. One can use them to design on floor, but it is not appropriate for whole floor construction.

Mahogany is another type of wood which is very durable, strong, and easy to work on but they are very expensive.
We must make decision about the right type of wood while making wooden floor at the same time take care of the price.

Different Outlook to Your Floor by Using Bamboo

Bamboo flooring is a type of using flooring materials that comes from bamboo plants. Many people consider bamboo as wood, but that is wrong. Bamboo is actually a grass which generates a number of shoots in the plant. The bamboos shots are strong, durable, and smooth. It gives a shining finish over our floor.

That is why we can choose to have bamboo on our floor instead of wooden floor if we want. At the same time bamboo is much cheaper than wood, but it looks like wood. It’s very tough to distinguish between bamboo & wood when they are used in floor & processed into planks. Bamboo is also very popular because of it insect & moisture resistance. At the same time, usage of bamboo instead of wood are very much eco-friendly decision because of renewability of bamboo.

They grow a lot & grow instant on the shoot that has been cut down. So using bamboo on floor does not require cutting down trees & generating harm to the nature. On the other hand, bamboo floor are very unique & stylish. So, if you want to remain natural on floor but thinking about the expense, bamboo is the right solution for you with all its advantages.

Advantages of Using Laminated Boards

Advantages of using laminated boards are many. These advantages are discussed below for your better understanding:

Laminated boards are cheap, affordable. It is a great alternative of other floor materials such as: wood, tiles, ceramics or mosaics.

• Laminated boards are easy to install. One can easily install them up to the room.

• Laminated boards are found in a variety of colors & mood; such as: wooden mood, beach style, patterns, and solid colors covering a great range. Thus, laminated boards usage in floor can facilitate you with giving different looks to the décor of your room. It is also easy to combine them with wall paints & furniture because of their greater range of variety.

• Laminated boards are not sensitive to moisture or temperature.

• Laminated boards are easy to maintain. One can easily dust & mop them without much effort. You not have to use heavy cleaning methods in order to keep them clean.

• Laminated boards are resistance free, stains prevented. So it does not require much caution to maintain. One can easily install them in the children room.

• Laminated boards with its shiny & stain free look give an advantage over use of carpet.
Thus laminated boards come with various advantages in a cheap range of price to make your room get a greater look than ever.