Mosaic marvel

Mosaic tiles floorings are considered by home owners, architects and interior designers as one of the most ethnic and beautiful flooring options. They can transform the look of any room from dull to fashionable and are often the focal point in it. Mosaic tiles are usually used in homes to create a serene, Zen like ambience. They make ideal flooring choices for bathroom spaces and create an old-world charm. However, any mosaic tiled room is automatically elevated in its luxury quotient by its presence. These tiles can also be used in certain sections of dining, kitchen, living or bedroom spaces. It adds more creativity to the space and is found in a plethora of designs, colors and combinations

Mosaic tiles are expensive and require a lot of maintenance for its longevity. Although they are resistant to stains and mold, yet they get dirty fast in the grooves present in them. Cleaning them is a time consuming task which can be done with warm water and a damp cloth. Mosaic tiles are durable but can get scratched easily and cannot withstand heavy traffic. Mosaic tiles are more for aesthetic purposes rather than for practical reasons since they tend to chip and break easily.

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