Marble magic

Marble is defined in the dictionary as a form of limestone transformed through heat and pressure of metamorphism into a dense, variously colored crystallized rock. Since time immemorial and through recorded historical volumes it has been learnt that the usage of marble was considered a mark of opulence and artistic ability. It was used by many ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Aztecs and even the Mughals who used it abundantly to The Taj Mahal which is considered the greatest symbol of love and a wonder of the world. Thousands of years later, it is still the number one choice of home owners, architects and interior designers who swear by marble as their preferred flooring choice in order to make a statement. It’s timeless beauty and elegance makes it an expensive choice. Choosing marble as a flooring option is a smart one due to its durability and sturdiness. It comes in a plethora of colors, qualities, styles, textures, patterns and designs. There is always something to suit all needs and budgets. Being resistant to bacteria, marble floorings help to keep the surroundings hygienic, clean and free from allergens. It is an ideal flooring choice for home owners who have respiratory illnesses.

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