Manufacturing Process of Wooden Floors

There are different methods which are followed in order to manufacturing wooden floor. The shaping down of a raw timber to a well finished wooden plank for floor is a tough & complex process and is completed by various steps. The different type of method for wood manufacturing is given below:

Rotary peel: the process involves boiling the wood log in water at a certain temperature for a minimal time. Then, it is peeled by using blades & thus it is formed into a wood veneer. Then it is pressed flat with high pressure. Such process can have problems like: curling back of wood.

Sliced peel: the process begin with boiling, then the wood is sliced into disc shape veneers, then the veneers go through the same procedure as rotary peeling method.

Dry solid-sawn: in this process the logs are kept in a low humidity level & dried slowly to draw moisture. Then the logs are sawed for making solid hard wood planks.

After the process of making wood planks by using different methods, finishing touches are given to them. The wood planks are given floor finishing, refinishing & after that final finish touch up is given through the sanding process. All these complex process combines into the simple wood board we get to see down our foot on floors.

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