Laminate Floors the Proper Way

Marble, granite, tiles and hardwood floorings multiply the beauty of a house. However, these are very expensive and need a lot of maintenance. Retailers of Maryland have introduced an economical way of flooring which is termed as laminate flooring.
Laminate flooring resembles hardwood flooring; only difference would be the thickness of the floorboard. Laminate floorings are both durable and easy to maintain. In laminate flooring, plastic-coated paper sheets are rolled over the surface of the floor. Patterns on the laminate flooring need not always be of wood or tiles. Markets of Maryland are filled with several mesmerizing designs of laminate flooring that will suit any interior.

Installation of laminate flooring is very easy and stress-free. All we need to do is cut the sheets according to the dimensions of the room. The surface of the floorboard must be smooth and squeak free. Soundproof cushions should be placed one above the other, until the flooring raises three inches above the ground level. Cushions must be glued with duct tapes to avoid movement. Start laying the sheet all over the room in a specific direction to avoid overlapping. Remove the baseboards shelters if they are covering the wall area of the room. Edges of the laminated flooring must be hidden behind the baseboard outlet.

If you want to know more about laminate flooring, then you can contact the professionals of Universal Floors Inc. They will give you adequate information on the types of floorings and their charges.

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