Keep Your Floor Looking Fresh With Instant Stain Removal!

Like most flooring types there comes a time when you need to retouch on the finishing of the floor. Daily activities will cause the floor to change over time. Moisture especially, will cause stains on a hardwood floor and these are some of the hardest to remove if left for too long. Long standing stains usually will become stubborn with time and it is therefore advisable to remove them as soon as they are spotted.

The only way to successfully get rid of stains from a wooden floor is to gently strip the wood and then do refinishing again. Usually, only the portion of the floor where the stain is will be cleaned because there are products that will restore the original appearance to match the entire floor. A professional cleaner will be able to assess the level of staining involved and how much work is needed to correct it.

The first step in working a stain is trying to clean it out with a cloth soaked in mineral spirits. This will then be followed by a three step sanding away with grit paper starting with course and ending with very fine. A matching wood paint will then be applied using a standard paint brush to even it out according to the rest of the floor.

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