Inexpensive ways to install hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are received fairly well in Maryland, a place where both traditional and contemporary houses are popular. One thing you should know though is that there are inexpensive ways to go about hardwood floor installation. Maryland contractors have set the bars high, but have also given you some tips in inexpensive installation. They are as follows.

There are many ways to install hardwood floors, two of them the most basic and inexpensive. First of which is through stapling or nailing the hardwood floors. Typically, it would cost you around $3.85 to cover one square foot. Add to that the labor expenses and the materials that will be used for installation. The staples/nails for hardwood floors aren’t expensive. You can buy one box for only $50. Compared to floating hardwood floor installation, which uses a special material put between the wood and the floor, this can save you a great deal of money.

The advantage in floating hardwood floor installation, though, is that the irregularities in the surface of the concrete can be remediated. Next is direct gluing. In this process, the hardwood is glued instead of nailed. Wood resin, which is often used for this type of installation, is inexpensive, as well.

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