How to wipe off the water spots on your beloved hard wood floor?

Whether you choose a classic oak finish or a striking Brazilian cherry polish, you know that you are adding a touch of class by opting for wood floors. Needless to say, you would do everything in your capacity to ensure that the dazzle and glamour of your wood floor stays unaffected. However, no matter how careful one is the large number of footfall, onslaught of footwear, pets, etc does take a toll on your wood floor finish.

The formation of stains and spots on your hard wood floor is inevitable. Water, a commodity we cannot do without, is the biggest nemesis of an elegantly finished hard wood floor. Hence, it is of supreme importance that one takes every precaution that one can to ensure that water in any form should not be left on the surface.

The spillage of water can cause the formation of white spots on a wood floor’s surface. The right way to get rid of these spots is to gently rub the affected area in a circular motion with an extra fine steel wool pad dabbed in a small amount of mineral spirits. Avoid resorting to continuous scrubbing as it can cause warping, cracking and buckling of the wood strips.

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