How to restore the shine of a hardwood floor?

You gleaming hard wood floor will not always look shiny and new. Regular foot traffic, exposure to sunlight and damages will eventually wear off the luster. The key to preserving the shine of your hardwood floor lies in routine care and maintenance. The quickest and easiest way to restore the shine of your hardwood floor is by investing in first class refinishing products and strictly following the stipulated application process.

Before you apply the refinishing product you need to ensure that your floor is free of any dust, debris, oil and other particles. A good sweep and thorough vacuuming is a prerequisite for any kind of refinishing.

Choose wax as your refinishing agent if you fancy a satin finish. Apply the wax evenly on a soft cloth and massage it on to floor. Ensure that your rubbing action matches the pattern of the wood grain. Once the wax dries buff it with the help of a floor buffer.

Gloss finish is best achieved with a water based wood floor finish. Not only is more enduring than wax but also leaves a studier and more luminous top coat on your wood floor. The process of applying the finish is similar to that of the wax finish save for the last step. Water based floor finish need no buffing.

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