How to keep your laminate flooring shiny?

Laminate floors are a good alternative to hard wood floor as it is inexpensive to install and very east to maintain. In contrast to wood, you do not have to polish a laminate floor to achieve a gleaming top coat. It already comes with it. And keeping the shine on is also a fairly non complicated affair.

If you laminate floor starts looking dull and grimy then all you need to restore its former lustrous top coat is a simple vinegar and water solution. Abstain from using any of the finishing products that is meant for hard wood floors as you may end up damaging your laminate flooring.

All it takes is five simple steps to make your laminate flooring look as good as new. Firstly you need to clean your floor off any dust and debris that is accumulated on it. Then make a cleaning agent by mixing four parts water to one part vinegar. Take a clean cloth and wipe the floors with the solution ensuring you wring out all the excess water. Lastly allow it to dry off completely.

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