How to keep your hardwood floor happy?

Your wood floor can stay in mint condition if you employ these easy measures listed below. Not only do these tips help you increase the life of your wood floor but also trim maintenance and repair cost that you may incur over the years.

Rubber backed or in other words non-ventilated mats or rugs damage wood floors. Therefore, it is always advisable to pick rugs that are made specifically for hard wood floors. Frequent cleaning of the mat will ensure that the dust and debris collected in them does not damage the flooring.

Stiletto heels may look fabulous on the person wearing it but it does more harm than good to your precious hard wood floor. Dents and scratches are some of the by products of using such footwear. Golf shoes, spiked shoes and untrimmed pet claws could also lead to the same kind of damage.

Wood floors thrive in 35 to 55 percent relative humidity and enjoy a warm environment ranging between 60 degrees and 80 degrees. So turn on the HVAC as often as you can. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can not only zap the sheen of the wood floor but also cause to change color. Tinting your windows and covering exposed portions with a rug should protect you from harmful UV exposure.

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