High Utility of Longstrip Hardwood Floors

A very popular variant of hardwood floors is longstrip wood floors. A major advantage of longstrip floors over engineered wood floors and solid hardwood flooring is that these are easier to replace. These are also preferable since they are economical and easy to install.

There are some conceptual structural similarities between longstrip plank wood floors and engineered floors. For longstrip floors, several wood plies are glued together to make a single plank. The center core of longstrip wood plank is generally softer wood. It is used to make the tongue and grooves. The top layer can be comprised of any species of hardwood and most often constitutes smaller individual pieces laid together in two or three rows. There can be up to 17 or 18 small pieces in a row. This gives an appearance of three rows of shorter wood pieces while there is only one wide and long pre-assembled plank.

Though generally designed for floating installations, longstrip planks can be glued or stapled down. They can be installed over a wide array of subfloors, including concrete slabs and some existing hard surface floors. These are sometimes also used for radiant heated slabs while the heated subfloor is controlled, and not allowed to go over a certain temperature.

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