High Popularity of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

In the past few years, engineered hardwood flooring has grown rapidly in popularity. It is a recent innovation and is a great alternative for places where solid hardwood flooring is not recommended. The main advantage of engineered wood floors over solid hardwood floors is that they are dimensionally stable and do not shrink or expand as a result of changes in moisture or temperature.

Engineered wood floors most often consist of three or more thin sheets of wood which are laminated together to form a single plank of wood. These are laid together in cross-ply construction i.e. they are laid in opposite directions during manufacturing process. Wood plies counteract each other and prevent planks from expanding or shrinking.

Alternately, engineered wood planks are more versatile. They can be installed just about anywhere including wood sub floors, concrete floors and basement. Moreover, there are multiple ways of installing tem. They can be nailed down, stapled down, glued down and sometimes even floated on existing flooring. Since engineered wood floors comprise of various layers of wood, it is possible to have the top layer finished differently from the other layers. It is commonplace to find engineered wood floors from many types of wood species.

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