Hardwood Floors – How To Take Care Of Them?

Regular Hardwood maintenance

Although hardwood floor is one of the best looking floors of all, care and maintenance have to be given due importance in order to lend it a long life. One of the first things to keep in mind is regular cleaning. Tiny particles such as stones and metallic pieces can cause scratches on the floor. Regular cleaning is essential to get rid of such particles immediately. The second factor is mopping. While mopping, never use too much water. Being wood, it absorbs moisture and gets soaked over a period of time. Washing wood floors is never a good idea. However, the best way to care for hardwood floor is vacuuming. This gets rid of the tiniest of dust particles and provides complete cleaning without having to use water. Do not use harsh chemicals, acid and detergents that are not meant for wood flooring.

Long term maintenance

Refinishing might be necessary if your wooden floor is badly damaged. In order to keeps your floor looking good for long, use mats and rugs in places where there is high movement of people. Also take care that the floor is protected from moisture. Regular termite treatments are necessary if there is even a whiff of the pest.

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