Hardwood Floors – Always In Fashion

The trend of hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is one of the oldest types of floorings used by humans. It has been used all over the world. Although the trends dipped during certain decades, hardwood has always made a grand comeback and reinstated itself as the king of floors. There are several other floors, especially stone, that are more functional than hardwood. However, when it comes to visual appeal, a feel of classic elegance and richness to a room, nothing can beat authentic hardwood flooring.

Different kinds of hardwood floors

This kind of flooring is available in different varieties and colors. Wood from different trees has different properties. The best woods for floorings are cherry, mahogany, oak and teak. Tigewood is another popular choice. Further, different kinds of woods have different colors as well. From varying shades of deep red to lighter shades of brown, the colors and grain patterns available in wood are amazing. While Mahogany has a deep reddish tinge, cherry is a dark brown. Teak is a lighter shade of brown and one of the strongest woods of all. Tigerwood is more orange in shade and looks dazzling when used for flooring. Hardwood flooring is available in two varieties – finished and unfinished. Each of the two finishes has its own special visual appeal.

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