Hardwood Floors – A Few Tips to Remove Stains

Care for hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are excellent for interiors since they are durable and lend an enhanced visual appeal to the space. However, the only aspect about these floors that makes people hesitate before their installation is the effort that goes into maintaining them. These floors tend to stain, get scratched and are very vulnerable to damage by moisture. Pets can cause a lot of damage to hardwood floors. While it is difficult to keep pets off your wooden floor, you can adopt certain tips to get rid of the mess and stains that they leave. It is also important that you get rid of the stains as soon as they appear because fresh stains are easier to remove. It also takes shorter time to remove fresh stains. You should also take care never to use acids and very strong detergents on hardwood floors since the floor can be largely damaged.

How to remove stains made by pets?

Unless your pets are well trained, urine marks are very common and they tend to leave stains on the floor. The best way to remove these stains is to blot them with paper towel. Diluted white vinegar is also helpful in removing these stains. There are a number of stain removers available in the market that are meant especially for wood floors. You can use these cleaning agents to get rid of most of the stains. Make sure that you spray a mild anti-bacterial spray so that microbes do not develop over the surface.

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