Hardwood and Longstrip Hardwood Flooring- Ideally Suited For Cement Subfloors

Hardwood flooring is often seen as one of the classiest types of flooring. It has a distinctive aesthetic feel about it and is available in a very wide array of options. Even though hardwood flooring is durable and made to last for a building’s lifetime, it is of utmost importance to select the right kind of flooring for a particular subfloor.

As an example, if the subfloor used for installing hardwood flooring on is cement, one has to be very careful in determining the exact hardwood flooring he goes with. This is mainly because cement transmits environmental moisture rather than absorbing it. Engineered and longstrip hardwood floors are best suited for flooring on cement subfloors. These hardwood floors are better suited to absorb moisture. Thus, there would be no chance of cracking, buckling or warping of wooden planks due to moisture.

Engineered and longstrip hardwood floors consist of several thin sheets of wood glued together in opposing directions. As each sheet expands or contracts with humidity changes, sheets in opposing directions counteract the effect of expansion or shrinkage. Another property of engineered and longstrip flooring which makes them ideal for concrete subfloors is that they can be installed as floating floors. For solid hardwood flooring, every plank needs to be nailed in place.

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