Great Tips to Clean Wooden Floors after Removing the Carpet

Not all homeowners find hardwood floors under their carpets in Virginia. The floorboards can be in a drastic condition due to wear and tear. Generally household debris like dust, dried grease, adhesives accumulate under carpets. To clean such wooden floors, you need to follow certain steps. Even after you clean, the wood might require a coat of finish to restore its quality.

Make sure you have a vacuum, or heat gun, oil soap solution, white distilled vinegar, lots of soap towels and a dust mop. Before you get down to clean the wooden surface, clear off all debris. Vacuum the surface.

The next step is to remove the dried adhesives. As they are strongly attached to the wooden surface, use chemicals to remove dried adhesives. Ensure that you do not scratch the wooden boards. You can use soap towels and hot water to remove dried grease and other adhesives.

Lastly, mix oil soap solution in 1 gallon of warm water. Use this liquid to scrub the wooden surfaces. After cleaning thoroughly, drain and dry all the water from the wooden floor. Repeat this until your wooden floor is completely dry.

You can use black tea or vinegar to shine the floor after cleaning.

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