Flooring fortitude

Often home owners are unaware of the versatility of engineered flooring. Apart from which these flooring types are less expensive than solid wood and more affordable for home owners with limited budgets. Engineered floorings require proper maintenance and to be looked after like other wood floors. This will ensure its longevity. To keep the flooring clean, it is recommended to either sweep the floor with a soft bristles broom on a daily basis or vacuumed often. Keeping the floor clean will create a hygienic ambience around the home. It also prevents nicks as well as indentations from forming on it.

To mop engineered wooden flooring, it is imperative and crucial to use cleaning products which are well-suited with them. When it comes to mopping engineered floors it is vital to avoid the usage of any wax, liquid, oil based soaps and ammonia. Lemon or Tung oil is also to be avoided while cleaning the floor. Plain water is likely to damage the flooring and should not be used it. If there are spillages or blemishes, all liquids must be wiped lightly with a soft cloth. This needs to be done on an immediate basis so that the moisture can be absorbed.

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