Flooring fetish

Redecorating or remodeling a home costs a lot of money and it is imperative to ensure that a home owner spend time in maintaining it. Hardwood floorings are elegant as well as stylish and this makes it an ideal choice of flooring instead of carpets or tiles. They are expensive to purchase and install and they require proper care and maintenance for it longevity; sans damage or fading. After installing hardwood flooring in a home, it is imperative that home owners refer to the maintenance guide that is given with the installation. This will go a long way in keeping it damage free. A home owner must ensure to install the hardwood flooring from a reputable company or dealer.

When it comes to the cleanliness and upkeep of new flooring or one that has been recently refinished certain parameters must be maintained for its longevity. A home owner must use water based cleaners which are gentle, effective and non abrasive to the surface of the flooring. In order to prevent hard water streaks a mixture of distilled water along with the cleaner can be used on its surface. Dirt and dust can be swept up with a broom or vacuumed before mopping.

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