Floor Refinishing – Refinishing Hardwood Floor in Four Steps


Floor refinishing is necessary in order to maintain the enhanced visual appearance of the space. While it is a great idea to hire a professional to refinish the wood flooring, you can do the refinishing by yourself. The first step in refinishing a wooden floor is to prepare the floor for refinishing. You should also get all the equipments and materials required such as sanders, wax strippers and wax for reapplication. You have to clean the floor thoroughly and remove all articles that are placed on the floor such as furniture and accessories. Next, you have to remove all the nails on the wood floor so that you do not injure yourself. When you take out the nails, they leave holes in the floor. These holes are to be filled using wood fillers. Make sure that they are of the same color as the rest of the wood floor so that the difference is not evident.

Sand, stain and refinish

You can choose to sand manually or use an electric sander depending on the area to be sanded and on your energy level. You can rent a sander for cheap or even buy one. Sanding is to be dome thrice in order to make it perfect. If you want to change the color of floor, you can give a suitable stain coat on it. Apply stain uniformly. Finally, refinish with polyurethane waterproofing layer.

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