Floor Refinishing – How to Do It Yourself


Sanding is the first thing that you have to do when you take up wood refinishing jobs. Sanding can be done by anybody who has the physical energy and who does not suffer any sort of respiratory problems. Before you begin sanding the floor, you need to prepare it by removing all carpeting, nails and any articles that are fixed or placed on the floor. If your space is large, you can choose to hire a mechanical sander, which can your work done easily and quickly. If the space is small, manual sanding can be done. The general standard is 50 square feet. Any area that is smaller than this can be sanded manually but if the area is larger, it is recommended that you use a mechanical sander. If you plan to do the sanding yourself every two years, then you can buy a mechanical sander. Electric sanders area available from $100 and you can choose one from a good brand.


Sanding is done in order to remove the top wax layer and to remove any kind of stains or scratches. Usually, sanding gets rid of most of these problems. In order to remove wax layer, you can use a commercial wax remover. This will get the job done easily and more effectively. Once done, you have to apply a fresh wax layer.

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