Floor Refinishing – How Do You Know That It Is Time?

When to go in for floor refinishing?

Although hardwood floors have long been one of the best options for flooring because they add a sense of class and elegance to the floor, they need a high level of care and maintenance. Refinishing is one of the basic care necessities for a hardwood floor. But how do you know that it is time to go in for refinishing? Actually, the symptoms are pretty obvious. The first signs are dullness in the shine and finish. The floor develops a matte kind of finish with no shine. Secondly, if the floor has undergone a lot of wear, it is likely to develop small cracks, which need to be filled immediately. Although you can do some of the small works on your own by filling cracks with wax, you will require refinishing if the floor loses resistance to moisture.

A simple test

In order to prevent wood from absorbing water, it is coated with a water-proof solution. If this layer of polish disappears, then you definitely need to go in for a refinishing. To test, drop some water on the floor. If the floor absorbs the water, it signifies that the polish no longer exists. If the polish is intact, then water takes a similar form to that of water on leaves of a lotus – it converges into a big drop.

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