Floor power

There are a plethora of factors which come into the forefront when it comes to making the informed choice between tiles and hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors on one hand are made from natural woods such as bamboo, cherry, pine and oak. They are made in the shape of planks which are then cut and installed as per the size and requirement of the space in a home. Tiles on the other hand are made of ceramic material. They also need to be cut and to fit the dimensions of a room. The cost for hardwood flooring however is more expensive than installation of ceramic tiles.

Hardwood floorings are found in a surfeit of textures, styles, color and designs. However the costs will differ from each other based on the choice of wood used. Hardwood floorings are suitable for homeowners who are not stringent about budgets and can afford the best in the market. Tiles too like hardwood floorings are found in a number of designs, textures, styles and colors and there is always something to fit all budget types. Tiles and hardwood flooring both require daily cleaning. Tiles tend to discolor due to dirt, dust and grime but hardwood is a natural repellant of that.

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