Floating hardwood floor installation versus nails and staples

A floating hardwood floor is a type of flooring that uses the traditional hardwood, and a type of padding between the floorboards and the concrete underneath it. This padding is somewhat softer and creates a distinctive feel of walking on air, or floating, when you step on the hardwood. An added advantage is that this type of installation allows for a better leveling of the concrete surface prior to the hardwood installation. The only downside is that this is more expensive. A typical hardwood floor that uses a floating installation costs around $10.50 per one square feet.

Compared to the usual nail or staple installation, which costs around $3.85, homeowners can net big savings. Now, to dispel the myths about nails and staple installations: While it is true that nails and staples are very cheap, the $3.85 list price was only for the hardwood floorboards. The labor costs are computed differently. Still, the price difference still ranges the same. So, when deciding between typical installations and floating hardwood installations, a homeowner must think carefully. In places like Virginia wood flooring installation is very popular. If you live in a similar place, you would very likely find yourself in a situation where you have to decide which installation method to use.

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