Engineered excitement

It is known fact that engineered wooden floorings are much less expensive than solid wood ones. They must however be maintained and looked after well like any other hardwood floor to prevent it from damage. It is essential to either sweep the floor with a broom on a daily basis or vacuum it by using a soft brush attachment. Keeping the floor clean will prevent dust, scratches and dents from forming on it. When it comes to mopping engineered wooden flooring, it is important to use special cleaning agents and products which are specially designed for such floorings.

While mopping the floor is crucial to ensure that no wax, liquid, oil based soaps, ammonia, lemon or Tung oil are used to clean its surface. Using plain water is not recommended on engineer wooden floorings either. In the case of spills or stains, all liquids should be dabbed dry with a soft cloth immediately to prevent it from seeping into the layers. The residual will also need to be cleaned immediately with specially approved stain removers that do not damage its surface. If moisture is left unattended for too long on engineered wooden floorings it may end up warping or damaging it.

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